Compliance & Training

PAFA has partnered with online education leader EVERFI to provide critical compliance and prevention training to our faculty and staff members. As part of our comprehensive training program, all faculty and staff are expected to complete assigned courses.

EVERFI delivers prevention education, data analytics, and research to 1,500 higher education institutions. It was endorsed by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) 2019-2020 for Title IX and student learning systems.

EVERFI training, in addition to being highly interactive and engaging, is based on research around the best practices for communicating and maintaining healthy relationships with your colleagues and students. However, the course contact may be triggering to some individuals. If you feel you may have difficulty completing the course due to past trauma, please contact the Title IX Coordinator to discuss alternatives.

We are excited to be offering such comprehensive information to better serve you as a member of our community.

Employee Courses

  • EVERFI Bridges: Building a Supportive Community ~ 1 hour
  • EVERFI Bridges: Taking Action ~ 20 minutes
  • Clery Act Basics ~ 45 minutes
  • Diversity and Inclusion EDU ~ 60 minutes
  • FERPA Basics ~ 20 minutes

Student Courses

  • EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention: Undergraduates ~ 45 minutes
  • EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduate – Part Two ~ 45 minutes
  • EVERFI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Students ~ 40 minutes
  • EVERFI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Students – Part Two ~ 45 minutes
  • EVERFI AlcoholEdu for College: Primary ~ 2 hours
  • EVERFI AlcoholEdu for College: Primary – Part Two ~ 2 hours

Technical Considerations

  • Work at your own pace from any computer or tablet
  • Only the AlcoholEdu and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for students courses are mobile-friendly
  • Courses will save your progress if you need to stop and return later
  • Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (preferred), or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • Need more help? Contact EVERFI’s tech support using “Help” within the course or by visiting