General Safety Guidelines

Campus Security urges everyone at PAFA to take an active role in ensuring personal safety and the protection of property by following four simple steps: LOCK, OBSERVE, CAUTION, CALL.

1. LOCK – limit the opportunity for property crimes

  • Keep studio doors locked whenever you’re out.
  • Don’t open locked elevator lobby doors for strangers or unauthorized people.
  • Keep track of keys to your studios.
  • Use locks on lockers.
  • Do not leave valuables in your studio in plain view.

2. OBSERVE – be aware of your surroundings

  • Keep track of personal belongings and don’t leave them unattended, even for a short time.
  • Take note of any suspicious activity or persons in your vicinity.

3. CAUTION – don’t put yourself in danger

  • Avoid situations that put you at greater risk (such as walking alone after dark or in high crime areas).
  • Don’t physically engage a suspect. Stay at a safe distance, note suspect’s description, and seek help as soon as possible.

4. CALL – immediately report a crime (or suspicious activity) to Campus Security

  • Campus Security is on patrol, radio-dispatched 24/7, and can respond to emergencies on very quickly.
  • If you are near a Emergency Call Box in the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building, use the phone there. It will connect you directly to the Security Dispatcher.
  • Program this number into the speed dial on your cell phone: PAFA Security: 215-972-2083